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Virtual PA: Call Transfer

In order for a Virtual PA service to be able to function they must first be able to receive a clients calls.

Call Tranfer

This is usually done in either of two ways, either by diverting an existing number or by giving out a unique Virtual PA number direct to clients:

  • Diverting an existing number:

    This is perhaps the most common method of directing calls to a Virtual PA service. It means that the client decides when the service is in use, they decide at what point in the day calls are to be answered elsewhere, be it to cover lunches, meetings, unforeseen staff shortages or simply when the phone is unanswered after a certain number of rings or is engaged.

    Calls should be diverted to the Virtual PA number provided to your company by TooManyCalls. Each Virtual PA customer has their own unique telephone number which is how our systems identify whose company is being called, how the call is to be answered and how it should be handled.

    To divert calls it is usually a simple task of dialing a short code into the telephone that you are wishing to have some peace and quiet from. This code can differ from each phone provider, we deal with all the major providers on a daily basis so please contact us to find out what your particular codes would be.

  • Giving out the unique Virtual PA number

    This method usually means that TooManyCalls will answer all calls for your company provided that the caller has been given the unique Virtual PA number as the only point of phone contact.

    Many companies use this method if they do not have a landline number which they wish to give out to the public; sole traders working from home, dot com companies etc. We also have a number of doctors, for example, that are not based in a single clinic but work from three or four. They rely on their Virtual PA operators to take all calls, book appointments, deal with cancellations and essentially work as their in-house PA.

    A number of clients also use this method if they wish to use the Virtual PA service as a receptionist service in that all calls come to TooManyCalls first and are then screened before being transferred to the relevant department. This way of using Virtual PA can also be used by diverting an existing number provided that we have an alternate telephone number (mobile for example) with which to divert to.


There are a number of different ways aside from the above for TooManyCalls to receive calls. If neither of the two methods detailed are suitable for your needs please contact us on 0845 123 7595 or email us at for further information.

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